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The Power of Healing - Patient Testimonials

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), categorized in the West, is a form of holistic medicine or alternative medicine. When practiced in the right way, it is very effective to treat many diseases and conditions, especially for complex and chronic illnesses which are often difficult to treat using other approaches. The following is a selection of the testimonials from our patients. You can get a glimpse of the power of healing from effective TCM treatments. You can also go to our Yelp page,  our Genbook review page or our YouTube page to  see more patient testimonials or reviews.

*A case of general family care

Chinese Herbal medicine and acupuncture are not something that you will believe so easily, but it is very effective when it comes to treating chronic diseases. Once you have tried it, you will be convinced of its effectiveness.
We found Dr. Zhu online when we were searching desperately for an herbal doctor for my younger daughter. She was 2 and half years old back then. She went from having regular cold, to bronchitis, pneumonia and couple of times of UTI. After a long seven months of several rounds of antibiotics, she was not getting better. Not knowing that visit was the beginning of our special relationship with Dr. Zhu. She became our family doctor and a friend. Although, the herbal medicine is not always the best tasting medicine, but my kids will ask for Dr. Zhu whenever they are sick. My younger daughter has not been on antibiotic ever since she started seeing Dr. Zhu. She did not grow in weight or height during that year when she was on antibiotics. As you can imagine what we are feeling as parents. But in this past year with Dr. Zhu's consistent follow ups, she grew almost a foot and is much healthier now. She is enjoying her Kindergarten!! Oh, I forgot to mention, her eczema was gone, too!! That was a big relief since she was suffering from it since she was a baby.

The rest of the family also benefited from Dr. Zhu. My husband works in a very high stress work environment which causes many discomforts in his body, fatigue and sleepless nights despite of his effort in eating healthy and exercise regularly. Now with consistent treatment, he has more energy, better sleep and much less aches and pains. And as for me, she is able to help me with many chronic pains in my neck, shoulders and lower back. I used to spend money on massages which could only help temporarily. Also her treatments were able to help regulate my period after three years of being on hormone. In addition, I don't ever get sick that easily during flu seasons. Over all our family has benefited tremendously from Dr. Zhu's knowledge of Chinese herbs and acupuncture. She does not only provide us with treatments, but she also educates us on how to maintain our health through the right diet that is suitable to us.
---- Jeccica T., Redwood City, CA

* A case of chronic bone cancer
I contracted Wegener’s disease in 2001 while preparing for surgery. Since then I have 14 broken vertebral in my back, hip replacement and shoulder replacement. This causes vacuities of the joints. It is a very painful illness. I have been taking high powered pain killers for 2 years. I had pain all-over my body and it usually took me 5 minutes to stand up from a chair and hardly walk. My friend Rob introduced me to Lingyun Zhu. I came from Ohio to Lingyun’s clinic in California on September 17, 2009. She gave me totally 2 acupuncture treatments and daily herb tea within five days during my trip to the Bay Area. After the first time treatment, my pain has reduced to about half and I was been able to walk for half an hour on the golden bridge in San Francisco with my friend Rob. On September 23, I could walk with hardly any pain in my knees.
---- David G., Ohio

* A case of chronic leukemia

Ling yun is a disciplined and dedicated professional on the quest to help people. Authentic Chinese healer, mastered five elements of acupuncture! Ling yun is highly spiritual, and person of great integrity and compassion. Humanity – alleviating pain and suffering, making life of her patients more balanced and meaningful, she sees as her ultimate mission. 

I was referred to her by my Stanford Hospital hematologist. I sincerely appreciate her good work, still in progress! She has risen to the challenge and I am pleased with the results. I would whole-heartedly recommend her to my friends and relatives.

---- Jeffrey R., Palo Alto, CA

* A case of prostate cancer

Ms LingYun Zhu has helped me with several health issues. I was a 70 year old male with high blood pressure (160/89), prostate cancer which manifests itself with a weak urinary stream 2-3 times a night and had nocturnal pain in my feet that prevented me from getting to sleep quickly. 

After seeing her for approximately 5 months, I am still a 70 year old male with a lowered blood pressure (145/83), my nocturnal urinary stream has improved and I only need to void 0 – 1 time per night. My foot pain is gone and I now fall asleep easily and quickly. I also had some neck pain and a “glitch” in my lower back. The neck pain has diminished significantly and the “glitch” is gone. It feels sooooo good now.

Dr. Zhu is devoted to her profession and dedicated to her patients. I recommend her highly.

---- Charles R., Millbrae, CA

* A case of chronic asthma

Lingyun Zhu has very quickly helped me with long-standing health problems that western medicine was unable to treat. She is an amazing acupuncturist who can make a strong effect (that you feel immediately) with a virtually painless technique. As an acupuncture student I received many treatments from students and experienced teachers. This eventually led to a cure of my chronic asthma symptoms, but Lingyun's treatments have made improvements in my health much faster and with fewer visits. I would definitely recommend anyone with health concerns (serious or as simple as the common cold) to see Lingyun Zhu.

---- Andrea B., Acupuncturist, Mountain view, CA

* A case of chronic constipation
I worked in a very stressful high-tech company. I had very bad chronic constipation for many years. It was so bad that I suffered tremendous pain and distention. Sometimes I had one BM per week. It was so lucky to me that I met Dr. Zhu. She is so caring that her acupuncture totally calmed my anxiety. I felt the qi moving in my body... With only two times treatments, my symptoms were gone, and up to (7/5/08) my bowel movement is regular. The effect of her treatment is just fascinating and incredible. One thing very amazing about her treatment is that she also nourished me in the deep soul level.

---- W. L., Beijing, China

* A case of high blood pressure
I am now in my 60s and had high blood pressure for many years. The thing bothered me most was my night urination, every night 6 to 8 times. With Dr. Zhu’s treatment for 3 weeks, my blood pressure reduced from 178/98 to 124/82, and I was been able to reduce my western medicine drug of lower blood pressure to the half dosage. Now my night urination is only 2 times a night. I feel much better overall. I really appreciate her work.

---- D. L., San Francisco, CA

* A case of back pain
Dr. Zhu is an angel! She is probably the most genuinely kind and caring doctor I have been to. When you meet her you feel at ease, I honestly knew she would help me even though I never thought I could get better. Her office is also very clean and in a really easy to find location. 
I have had horrible back pain for almost 5 years now and have been to many doctors that have not been able to help me. I never thought in a million years I would be pain free, but today (I am not even done with my sessions) I barely have any pain anymore. There was also a day where I could not walk, sit, or really do anything because of my back pain, when I tried to stand I would lose my breath. I came to see her that day and when I woke up the next day I was 99% better. It is truly a blessing to have found her and been treated ( and continue to be treated) by her. I honestly could not thank her enough. Her herbs are also extremely helpful for me. I would recommend everyone to go to her, you will see what a huge difference it will make in your life and health.
----Hassan K., Saratoga, CA

* A case of herpes zoster

I had herpes zoster again in May 2009. I had it first time in 2007, it was itchy and painful. I went to see my western dermatologist and it took me more than half year to suppress the symptoms, but left some ugly black pimple in my skin, that took me one more year to clear them by cosmetic laser. I was so suspected at the first time when my friend suggested me to see Dr. Zhu. On the way I drove to Dr. Zhu, I was dizzy and very weak and have to park on side of the road for several times. I still remember the first words Dr. Zhu told me are “you are not right.” But I felt her inside warmth and compassion. She is that kind of woman so direct, immediately point out the problem. I was very shocked, and touching… What amazed me more is not only what she said, I experienced the acupuncture with no pain but very powerful and effective, almost immediately reduced half the swollen and puffiness in my legs. After I took 3 bags of the herbs she gave to me, the herpes zoster was totally gone. That is really amazing treatment, the pain, the itchy, totally gone within only one week. And no black pimples left at all. My skin is as clean and nice as my young age. And up to now, all those symptoms never ever come back to me.
----S.W., Newark, CA

* A case of gout
Doctor Zhu is an amazing doctor! My father had been suffering from Gout for two weeks. His right feet was swollen and pain. He couldn't walk! One of my father's friends introduce Dr. Zhu to my father. After the first treatment with Dr. Zhu, my father's feet wasn't swollen anymore! (I already post the photo) Dr. Zhu is amazing! My father came all the way from Alameda to Saratoga because of Dr. Zhu! It was worthy! After second treatment with Dr. Zhu, my father is able to go to work! Thank you so so so much! Also, Dr. Zhu said Gout is treatable! That is a very good news for people who suffer from Gout. Dr. Zhu is a very wise and kind doctor; I recommend Dr. Zhu to you.
----Jie Y., Alameda, CA

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