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Useful Information for New Patients of Dzogchen Healing Center

Below are some information useful for new patients:

1) For new patient's first visit to our office, we recommend you to have  New Patient Initial Intake Form printed out and (at least partially) filled before your arrival, which can save us time.

2) Your first visit typically lasts 90 minutes and includes a thorough initial intake and examination. We will go over your health history and do a thorough intake of your entire health. We will also ask about things that may not seem related to your chief complaint, such as your sleep, digestion, energy level etc. All of this information allow us to make an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Follow up treatments typically last 60 mins.

3) For the convenience of our patients, we offer online appointment services. Please feel free to use this service. It is very straightforward and convenient to use.

4) We accept cash, checks and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card) for payments. We also accept insurance and process insurance claims. Currently we are in-network healthcare providers for Cigna, United Health and Blueshield as well as some other plans. As more insurers include acupuncture in their coverage plans, we also work on to expand the insurance plans we will deal with. So please do check your insurance policy for  acupuncture coverage if you plan to use your insurance. If you are not sure of your insurance coverage for acupuncture treatment, you can have us to check it for you.

5) We understand that it is common that people in dire need of healthcare often face some financial difficulties. With the intention of bringing healthcare accessible to more people, we may offer substantial discounts, at our discretion, to people facing challenging financial situations. Talk to us if you have such a need.

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