Dzogchen Healing Center (大圓滿中醫診所)

 - Dedicated to Your Good Health 

Lingyun Zhu is a licensed acupuncturist with a passion to serve people and help people improve their health through traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). She graduated from a top University (Peking University) in China and received further education in the United States. She has studied with many highly-regarded TCM doctors in the world, including some of them from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. In addition, she has been vividly practising meditation and Dzogchen for two decades. Being an accomplished practitioner of both TCM and Dzogchen, she has a deep understanding of Chi (Qi), a subtle energy and vital force of body, which enables her develop exceptional healing skills. 

Lingyun Zhu considers her life's mission is to bring ancient healing arts to contemporary world and to help as many people as possible. She applies her education and healing skills to help her patients with a variety of health issues from allergies, asthma, cold, insomnia, digestion problems, body pain, skin diseases to more complex problems.   

Degrees and Professional Certifications:
  • Licensed Acupuncturist in the State of California by the California Acupuncture Board.
  • Doctor of Oriental Medicine in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches University.  
  • Master of Science Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Archaeology from Peking University, China. 

Dzogchen Healing Center(大圓滿中醫診所) 
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